Survival Kit

Survival Kit
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Designed to meet the needs of individuals or small groups in most survival situations. Includes the Survival Guide, a concise booklet containing many helpful suggestions for surviving in the wilderness.

Contents: Emergency Blanket, Waterproof Matches, Signal Whistle, 2 Firesticks, 12 hr. Lightstick, Pencil, Note Pad, Salt Packet, 4 Antiseptic Pads, 4 -1x3" Bandages, 4 - 3/8x1-1/2" Bandages, 2x3" Elastic Patch Bandage, 3x3" Sterile Pad, 2-4" Adhesive Strips, Compass, Poncho, Signal Mirror, 50' Orange Trail Tape, 10' Snare Wire, 2 Razor Blades, Needle, Spool of Line, 2 Fish Hooks, 2 Sinkers, 7x10" Waterproof Pouch, 35' Nylon Cord, Reusable 8x12" PVC Pouch, 5 hr. Candle.

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