Design Salt MummyLiner - 100% Silk Muddy Elephant Brown

Design Salt MummyLiner - 100% Silk Muddy Elephant Brown
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A MummyLiner™ is a sleeping bag liner for tapered sleeping bags. The sleepingbags have breathable interiors and tremendous wicking power. They will retainthese qualities, even with repeated washings. They create a comfortable andconsistent sleep environment.

They are easy to wash and care for, add insulation, and extend the life of yoursleeping bag. In addition, MummyLiners™ can be used alone as sleeping bags inwarm weather.

Size: 95" x 35"/22"

Weighs: 4.7 oz.

Adds +9.5°F to bag warmthUses:

  • Silk is naturally odor and moisture resistant
  • The lightest MummyLiner available
  • Luxurious comfort


  • drawstring hood
  • wide-top opening
  • boxed-foot end

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